Industrial Projects @ Centre Of Integrated Automation: Ongoing Projects

A ware house management system for automatic retrieval and storing of goods or in other words, inventory handling of a factory. System is divided into number of stations wherein a separate process will be done. The material is to be stacked in a manner so that it can be picked up by the automated mechanism. PLC is to be used as the controller along with servo motors for achieving the three dofs.

An automatic toll plaza eliminates the wastage of time, fuel and money which occurs due to long waiting queues at the toll collecting booths. Main objective of the project is to design and implement an intelligent toll road traffic control system. Light dependent registers will be used as sensors and PLC to control the whole process.

Soil is to be mapped for its different characteristic features vital for agricultural purposes like moisture, humus content, presence of fertilizers etc. Depending upon the different soil elements essential to maintain the quality of the soil, sensor based irrigation system using arduino controller will be developed keeping it suitable for agricultural purposes.

Intensity of sunlight and sun’s position varies throughout the day; hence a fixed solar panel can’t capture the solar energy with same efficiency during the entire day time. The panel needs to track the sun position and need to be rotated accordingly. For controlling the movement of panel PLC controlled stepper motor will be used.